New: Organic Greek spirulina

Organic spirulina from Greece

Are you looking for organic certified spirulina from European origin? We can offer a Premium grade Greek spirulina. This microalgae is produced in a traditional way in a preserved environment in the region of Thessaloniki.
The spirulina is growing in glasshouses by a geothermal system. During the manufacturing process, the spirulina doesn’t suffer from heating in order to preserve the nutriments naturally occurring in the microalgae and doesn’t contain excipient or additive.
This new grade is available in powder, flakes or tablets.

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Natural vitamins and minerals

Natural vitamins and minerals - plant sources

During the winter period, provide your body with natural vitamins and minerals.

We offer new references 100% natural obtained from plant sources (shiitake, lichen, basil…) and organic certified. Discover our novelties: provitamin A, vitamin B8, B9, B12, D2, D3, E, K1, vitamin B complex and minerals like chromium, copper, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese. We can also provide you with our complex “all-in-one”: a mix of natural and organic vitamins and minerals.

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New: Organic macroalgae

Organic macroalgae - Ascophyllum - Fucus

We are delighted to offer you a new range of macroalgae organic certified. These macroalgae are harvested by hand and dried according to a low temperature process to maintain their nutritional values.
Discover new references such as brown algae (ascophyllum nodosum, fucus, kombo, spaghetti of the sea…), red (dulse, carrageen moss)and green algae (sea lettuce) available in powder, flakes and leaves.

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New sources of organic vegetal proteins

Organic vegetal proteins

Looking for new sources of vegetal proteins for your formulation?

We introduce new references organic certfied obtained from different seeds: pumpkin (65 %), toasted pumpkin (59 %), sunflower (53 %), flax (35 %), hemp (32 %)…
The seeds grow and are processed into protein powders in Europe. We guarantee that proteins are allergen-free and complied with vegan requirements.
These new references will complete the existing range composed of organic pea and rice..

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Organic RBD coconut oil

Organic RBD coconut oil | SEAH International

During the last VitaFoods exhibition, SEAH International developed in partnership with Rosun Groups a range of new natural ingredients obtained from coconut.
Among these developments, we added a new vegetal oil: organic RBD coconut oil which can be used in various applications:food nutrition (sauces, confectionnery, bakery), cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

We also offer a complete range of coconut ingredients: water powder, milk powder, sugar flower, flour, MCT oil powder…

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Organic chia seeds

organic chia seeds - vegetal source of omega 3 - fibers

SEAH International adds a new reference to its organic certified range with chia seeds.
Herbaceous plant from Lamiaceae family, chia is harvested in several Latin America regions. The seeds of approximately 2 mm have an interesting nutritional value with a high content of fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid from Omega 3 group), fibers and proteins. Chia is also a source of antioxydant thanks to polyphenols.

Gluten-free and good alternative to eggs in bakery, seeds may have an interest for vegan.
Seeds can be used easily, incorporated in various daily products: cereals, beverages, biscuits, bakery, soups, yoghurts or ready-cooked dishes…

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New marine flavors

New flavors - Natural fish powders - flavoring

SEAH International adds new references to its range of flavors with natural powders and extracts (fishes and crustaceans). Discover our last ingredients for your aromatic developments: smoked herring powder, tuna extract, lobster powder, Norway lobster powder and krill powder. Our flavors are recommended for various applications: sauces, soups and stocks, instant noodles and rice, seasonings, ready meals, pasta fillings and pizza toppings, flavored cheeses…

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Organic RicePro® NG

rice protein concentrate - organic certified

Organic RicePro® NG is a rice protein concentrate (80 % of proteins), resulting from organic farming and obtained from broken rice. Perfect substitute to land animal proteins, this vegetal protein with neutral taste can be suitable for vegans. Excellent essential amino-acids source, Organic RicePro® NG is highly digestible, GMO-free, allergen-free and can be incorporated in various applications.

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